Reminders and Due Dates: June 7th - 11th
  • Turn in your textbook Tuesday 6/08
  • Belle Prater Test Tuesday 6/08
  • Belle Prater Packet Ch 10-12 due Friday 5/28
  • Belle Prater Projects are due Thursday 5/27 Belle Prater's Boy Project.pdf
  • Redo on Belle Prater Activity 9 WS due Wednesday 5/26
  • Belle Prater scene performances will be Wednesday 5/19
  • Book reports were due Thursday, May 6th! Power Point Book Report.pdf
  • Next book report book must be a science fiction story. Bring in your book report book Thursday 4/15
  • Bring Belle Prater to class with you!
  • Vocab ReviewTest Thursday 4/01 Lessons 13-18
  • Grades close at the end of the week!

Week of: June 7 - 11


HW - Belle Prater test tomorrow - bring your book!; Turn in your textbook

Belle Prater Test
Turn in your textbook


Week of: May 31 - June 4



Belle Prater: Read Ch 15 & 16
HW - Finish reading if necessary

Belle Prater: Read Ch 17 & 18
Activity 13 & 14 WS
Word Scramble
HW - Finish Activity 13 & 14 WS Activity 13 & 14 WS.pdf


Week of: May 24 - 28


Belle Prater - read Ch. 11
Work on your projects
HW - Continue working on BP Project due Thursday 5/27

Grade sheets
Belle Prater - read Ch 12
Work on your projects
HW - Belle Prater Projects due Thursday 5/27; Redo on Activity 9 WS due Wednesday 5/26; Belle Prater Packet Ch 10-12 due Friday 5/28

PTS3 Testing
Belle Prater Project
HW - Finish your project; BP - Read Ch 13 & 14; BP Packet Ch 10-12 due Friday 5/28

Turn in Belle Prater Project
Project Presentations
Belle Prater - Reading Ch 13 & 14
HW - Finish BP Packet Ch 10-12; Finish reading BP Ch 13 & 14; Activity 10 WS

Go over homework
Belle Prater - read Ch 15
HW - Belle Prater - finish reading Ch 15; Try to do something to observe Memorial Day

Week of: May 17 - 21


HW - Dress rehearsal is Tuesday 5/18. Performances are Wednesday 5/19

Dress Rehearsal
HW - Make sure you have everything you need for your performance tomorrow

Scene performances

Reading Belle Prater Ch 9 & 10
Activity 9 WS Activity 9 WS.pdf
Finding Base Words Packet Finding Base Words.pdf


Week of: May 10 -14

B&G - Selecting scenes to act from Belle Prater's Boy
R&O - Book Report Presentations
HW - Practice your scene

Preparing scenes from Belle Prater

Preparing scenes from Belle Prater

Read Floyd Collins Article - nonfiction
  • Refer to page 71 in Belle Prater as a reference
Answer Questions
HW - Finish article questions; Practice your scene

Article and questions
Preparing your scenes from Belle Prater
HW - Practice your scene. Dress rehearsal will be Tuesday 5/18. Performances will be Wednesday 5/19

Week of: May 3 - 7


Working on Book Report Projects in the library
HW - Bring your book report materials to class

Belle Prater Ch 7 & 8
HW - Bring book report materials to class; Belle Prater Activity WS 7 & 8

Working on your book reports
HW - Book Reports are due Thursday 5/06

Book Report Presentations


Week of: April 26 - 30


Go over work
Grade sheets - must be signed and returned (worth 10 points)
Belle Prater Ch. 4
HW - Belle Prater Activity 5 WS Activity 5 WS.pdf; Sign and return grade sheets (worth 10 points); Continue reading and working on your book report

Turn in grade sheets
Go over Activity 5 WS
Read Belle Prater Ch 4
  • Look for examples of idioms and dialect
HW - Continue reading/working on your book report project


Turn in homework
Belle Prater Ch 5 & 6
HW - Bring in your book report materials

Working on Book Report Powerpoint Projects in the Library

Week of: April 12 - 16

An introduction to Idioms
Visual Representation
HW - Idioms WS Idioms WS.pdf; Finish Visual Representation; *Extra Credit - Find the origin of the idiom*

Turn in homework
Belle Prater's Boy - Read aloud and discuss
Activity 3 and 4 WS Activity 3 and 4 WS.pdf
HW - Finish Activity WS

Turn in homework
Figure out the Idioms!
HW - Bring in your book report book tomorrow!; If you want to watch New Moon on Rewards Day, bring in your signed permission form.

Check book report books
Tickets - You must have all of your work turned in to get a sticker
Make up owed work
HW - Get your owed work done so you can participate in Rewards Day!; Read your br book!


Week of: April 5 -9


Elements of a Novel / Short Story - handout goes in "Important Papers"
  • Learning to identify Setting, Plot, Character, Conflict, Theme

HW - Belle Prater WS; Bring Belle Prater to class, otherwise you will earn a detention

Turn in last night's homework
Belle Prater - Chp 1 Vocabulary WS
  • Find each word on the designated page and write the complete sentence in which the word is found.
  • Guess the meaning of each word using context clues.
  • After you have completed the sentences and meanings for all of the words, use a dictionary to look up the definition of each word. If there are multiple meanings, choose the one that makes the most sense.
  • If you do not have a dictionary at home, you may use or merriam-webster online.
  • If you do not have a dictionary or a computer at home, plan to stay after school from 2-3pm today to complete the assignment.
HW - Finish classwork

Special Guest! Ms. Thorn will be discussing the science fiction genre and reading excerpts from select novels.
Finish yesterday's assignment
Read Ch 2 & 3
HW - Finish classwork

Pop Quiz - Elements of a novel / short story
Journal entry - If you were to meet Woodrow, what would you say to him? Your response must be 1/2 of a page and in the form of a story or poem.

Week of: March 29 - April 2




Vocab Review Test - Lessons 13-18

Finish Vocab Review Test
Work quietly

Week of: March 22 - 26






Week of: March 15 - 19


Lesson 18 Vocabulary - Write the following:
  • word
  • definition
  • part(s) of speech
  • sentence and picture (with color)
Work on / finish your 5 paragraph essay
HW - Finish Lesson 18 Vocab classwork




Lesson 18 Vocab Test

Week of: March 8 - 12

Vocab - Lesson 17 Lesson 17.pdf
The Bing, the bang, and the bongo - powerpoint
Long composition
HW - Select 6 vocab words, draw a picture for each word and write a sentence using that word to go along with the picture

Vocab review - Lesson 17
The Bing, the bang, and the bongo Bing Bang Bongo Powerpoint.ppt
Long Composition
HW - Study your vocab; Choose a topic for your long composition - must be written down

Turn in / Present Extra Credit
Commas Are Your Friend
Commas WS Commas WS.pdf
Discuss Long Composition Topics
Begin Writing Long Composition (if there is time)
HW - Vocab 17 WS Lesson 17 WS.pdf; Study your vocab; Write 3 topic sentences w/details using what you learned from Bing, Bang, Bongo

HW - Study for tomorrow's vocab test


Week of: March 1-5


Book Report Projects are due today!
BR Presentations

HW - None

BR Project Presentations



MCAS Practice

Week of: Feb 22-26

Monday 2/22

Vocab - Lesson 16 Lesson 16.pdf

Tuesday 2/23

HW - Continue working on your projects (due Monday); Study your Lesson 16 Vocab - use your flash cards!

Wednesday 2/24
Snow Day!!

Thursday 2/25
Vocab Review
Survive the Savage Sea

HW - Keep working on your project (due Monday); Vocab WS; Study for tomorrow's Vocab Test (Lesson 16)

Friday 2/26
Lesson 16 Vocab Test
Survive the Savage Sea

HW - Finish your project! - due Monday

Date: 2/11/10
  1. Turn in homework
  2. Survive the Savage Sea and Poems Test
  3. Begin Vocab 15 Test
  4. Make up owed work

Homework: Make up any owed work and read your BR book!

Date: 2/5/10
  • Turn in your homework
  • Lesson 14 Vocab Test
  • Extra Credit WS
  • Read your BR book

Date: 2/4/10
6th Grade Orientation - No School

Date: 2/3/10
  • Checking your BR book
  • Survive the Savage Sea

RED & ORANGE - Vocab squares are due Friday
GREEN & BLUE - Write each vocab word 5 times
EVERYONE - Study for Friday's Lesson 14 Vocab Test and bring your BR book to read after you finish the test

Date: 2/2/10
  • Vocab 14 Review
  • Begin Survive the Savage Sea

  • Bring in your book report book tomorrow
  • RED & ORANGE - Vocab squares
  • GREEN & BLUE - Write one good sentence for each vocab word

Date: 2/1/10
Vocabulary Lesson 14 Lesson_14.jpg Lesson_14_001.jpg

  • Lesson 14 WS Lesson_14_002.jpg
  • Bring your book report book to class by Wednesday, February 3rd

Date: 1/29/10
  • Turn in your poster
  • Vocab 13 Test
  • Read/work quietly

Date: 1/28/10
  • Go over last night's homework
  • Continue working on your Think/Pair/Share Activity

  • Study for tomorrow's vocab test
  • Write each vocab word five times
  • Finish your Think/Pair/Share Activity

Date: 1/27/10
  • Review last night's homework
    • When the Earth Shakes - Formal/Informal English
  • Think/Pair/Share Activity
    • Working with a partner, imagine that you are lost at sea. What possible problems might you encounter? How would you solve them? Make a list of these problems and their solutions. Be creative!

Homework: Vocab 13 WS (on the back side of the vocab word list)

Date: 1/26/10
Formal and Informal English


Date: 1/25/10
Vocab Lesson 13 Lesson_13.jpg Lesson_13_001.jpg

Date: 1/22/10
  • Turn in your homework
  • Vocab Test - Lesson 12
  • Locker cleanout!

Date: 1/21/10
  • Call of the Wild
  • When the Earth Shakes p.436

  • Study for tomorrow's Vocab Test - Lesson 12
  • Write each vocab word 5 times

Date: 1/20/10
Call of the Wild

Date: 1/19/10
Call of the Wild

Homework: Vocab 12 WS Lesson_12_001.jpg Lesson_12_002.jpg

Date: 1/15/10
Call of the Wild

Date: 1/12/10
  • Vocab Review
  • In Elements of Literature
    • Read Antaeus - p. 469
    • Read A Mix of Colors - An Olio of Paintings
    • Answer Questions 1-7

Homework: Bring your notebook to class tomorrow!

Date: 1/08/10
  • Turn in last night's HW
  • Lesson 11 Vocab Test
  • Complete WS
  • Read/work quietly

Date: 1/07/10

Lesson 11 Vocabulary Test tomorrow - STUDY!!

Date: 1/06/10
Project Presentations

Homework: Vocabulary 11 WS Lesson_11_001.jpg Lesson_11_002.jpg Lesson_11_003.jpg

Date: 1/04/10
Book Reports are due today!

  • Pros and cons of the two stories - Nightmare #3 and Best Day Ever
  • Three things you learned in class
  • Practice your BR presentation

Book Report: Creating Book Jackets!

Date: 12/18/09
  • Lesson 10 Vocab Test
  • Read BR books

Date: 12/17/09

Homework: Study for tomorrow's Vocab Test (Lesson 10)

Date: 12/16/09
  • Vocab review
  • Finish your storyboards

Homework: Study your vocab

Date: 12/15/09
  • Continue to work on your storyboards

  • Write each vocab word 5 times
  • Read your BR book!

Date: 12/14/09

Homework: Vocab 10 WS Lesson_10_002.jpg

Date: 12/08/09
  • Turn in your homework
  • Show your book report book to the teacher
  • Continue working on your storyboard

Date: 12/07/08
  • Vocablulary Lesson 9
  • Storyboard
    • Working with a partner, students will create a storyboard for The Creation or Sky Woman.
    • Sketch 12 key points from the story on sticky notes.
    • Once your sketches are approved, re-draw each one, using color, on white paper.

  • Write each vocab word from Lesson 9 5 times
  • Bring in your book report book tomorrow

Date: 12/03/09

  • Sky Woman worksheets
  • Quiz tomorrow on The Creation and Sky Woman